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Dynastream series are brand-new shower heads that have "High water pressure and the saving water" which L.Clever Corp which is a traditional hi-tech maker originally from Kyoto made.(L.Clever Corp has produced variety of products such as a kerosene heater, an OA equipment, US satellite parts equipment, and the world's smallest resistor mold for more than 20 years.)

Particularly, cost reduction effect is huge, and we already have more than 400 corporate clients all over Japan, including hotels, hot spring facilities, and sports gyms).

Because of high water pressure (approximately 3 times more than a conventional water saving shower head), we expect to lower cost of water and gas charges. We also can expect to shorten shower time. So, using Dynastream can automatically make our clients save water and energy (reduction of gas charges).

In addition, Dynastream series have another important characteristic. We do not have to worry about maintenance of the shower head, meaning without clean-up of the water holes. At the commercial use of a shower head, we do not ignore maintenance process of a shower head in order to prevent from the clogging holes by the calcium content in water. This is why Dynastream series have patent in Japan, US, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Europe. We can offer variety of contracts, including a distributorship agreement, a consignment contract, and a lease contract too.

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