How strong is the water
pressure by Dynastream?

The water pressure generated by Dynastream is

Three times higher than conventional shower heads
(by our measurement).

How does Dynastream discharge
high-pressure water?

Holes of conventional shower heads are around 0.5mm. With the small holes, the water to be discharged is reduced, but the water pressure decreases. In Dynastream, on the other hand, the holes are 3.5 mm big, and there are only 5 holes.

Dynastream sprinkles fine water droplets as the metal ball inside the shower head rotates.

Dynastream sprinkles fine water droplets from the unbelievably big holes, enabling it to achieve

Great water-saving efficiency (40% reduction) and high water pressure (3 times higher).

The fine water droplets have

High cleansing power and massage effect for your body.

You can also feel fascinating smoothness when you rinse your hair.

※This special structure is patented in Japan, the U.S.A, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Europe.

What kind of effects
do the water droplets have?

Skin-beautifying effect

The water has a massage effect, and a small-face effect by contracting skin.

High cleansing power

The water has a great effect on body wash and make-up removal.

Good for scalp care

With bloodstream acceleration by the massage effect, the water can be good for scalp care, and sparse hair treatment.